Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service and Terms all define the same Terms and Conditions outlined in this document.
These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") constitute an agreement between the user ("You", the "Member") and Hitseveryday.com.

By performing any action on this website you agree to these Terms and Conditions unconditionally. These Terms and Conditions can be subject to changes at any time without any obligation to notify the members. A Member can always remove their account when they do not agree with changes to these Terms.

The relationship between You and Hitseveryday.com is a purely of the kind B2C or business-to-customer. No other forms of relationship can ever be formed. You have no obligation to refer new members to Hitseveryday.com. Hitseveryday.com has no obligation to offer the service or other promotions to You.

Hitseveryday.com cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damages to You or your property in any way whatsoever. You, our Member, agree to use this website at your own risk.

You can have only one account per person on Hitseveryday.com. you are not allowed to use our website under the age of 13. You must provide Hitseveryday.com with a valid email address at all times and may not impersonate or otherwise mislead Hitseveryday.com with incorrect or false information. Hitseveryday.com reserves the right to terminate an account when it is in violation with this rule.

Inactive sites, banners and text ads could be removed after x time - at the discretion of Hitseveryday.com. Approval of your website is solely at the discretion of Hitseveryday.com.

Hitseveryday.com has a strict anti-spam policy and has zero tolerance for adult content, warez, illegal matters, hate-speech and harassment.

Hitseveryday.com reserves the right to terminate accounts at its discretion. This will happen when the rules are broken by Member but is not limited to the rules to be able to ban accounts. Hitseveryday.com maintains a fair and honest policy towards its Members and will always be open to discussion of disagreements although without having any legal obligation towards the Member. Hitseveryday.com cannot be held liable for the eventual loss of credits and/or impressions due to account closure.

If your account is terminated by Hitseveryday.com, You may not sign up or join again under a new account unless officially invited to do so by Hitseveryday.com.

Hitseveryday.com at its sole discretion and for any or no reason may refuse to accept applications for memberships and may terminate any Members without prior notice for good cause, particularly including, but not limited to: (a) any violation of any provision of this Membership Agreement; (b) aiding in or promoting circumvention of the Service; (c) acting against the business interests or reputation of Hitseveryday.com; (d) otherwise acting in a severely or substantially unlawful manner in relationship to Hitseveryday.com, the Hitseveryday.com Web site or the Service; (e) material breach of our spamming policy; or (f) any other reason at the discretion of Hitseveryday.com;

Hitseveryday.com currently requires all websites, banners and text ads to be in the English language and reserves the right to remove all such Member items that are not in English. Credits and/or impressions assigned to these Member items will be reimbursed.

A Member may not artificially inflate traffic credits and impressions using any device, software, robot system or any other means. Hitseveryday.com will immediately terminate, without obligation to redeem outstanding credit or cash balances, the membership of any member that does not comply with all terms of this agreement.

Refunds are decided by the Hitseveryday.com team and Members have no infuence or decision power. In principle refunds are avoided unless Hitseveryday.com decides that there is reasonable ground for a refund but this solely at the discretion of Hitseveryday.com.

Refunding payments made with Paypal are categorized under a strict refund policy: You immediately receive a digital service for your payment with Paypal and refund requests will only be investigated when Hitseveryday.com assumes good faith from You our Member. WE DO NOT ALLOW MASS REFUND REQUESTS VIA PAYPAL this to avoid abuse of the system. Hitseveryday.com is not responsible for any loss or damages to and on any of our Member's Paypal accounts.

Fraud Prevention:
Each member must use a valid email address which will be verified. To receive commission payments from Hitseveryday.com, members must use their real/legal name. Your Payment Processor name and your registered name at Hitseveryday.com must match to receive payments. At any time, we may ask for proof of ID to verify your legal identity.


Why Hitseveryday.com collects data: when you use some of the features of Hitseveryday.com we need to know certain data pieces. Once we collect this information it is only used within the Hitseveryday.com system and no individually identifiable information is distributed to third parties.

Hitseveryday.com asks some data from You, the Member, in order to have a correctly operating website. Hitseveryday.com will never hand out or sell Your personal information unless forced to do so by law. Hitseveryday.com is allowed by the Member to collect certain information e.g. IP address, email address, demographics and country.

Hitseveryday.com uses cookies to enhance the Member experience: these cookies are harmless but nonetheless Hitseveryday.com is not responsable for any damage or losses due to the use of cookies on any of Your systems.

Hitseveryday.com applies the SSL protocol where possible, the surf console does not have SSL (yet) because that would mean too many blocked pages.

You can opt out of the newsletter or any other notifications at all times. You can cancel your account at all times through your profile page. All credits and impressions will be lost without the right to compensation.

Members can contact Hitseveryday.com for support at all times via the contact form.