What is a traffic exchange and how does it work?

A traffic exchange is a place where people come together to generate views for their websites. In order to make traffic available our members surf each other's websites and that is how they generate hits. Promote your landing pages to our audience without spending one cent.
To be able to generate traffic for your website you simply use our inhouse-coded surf module where you will click every x seconds to generate your desired amount of hits.

Can I make money with hitseveryday.com?

We have a generous commission offer for our paid plans but even free accounts make 10% on each new subscriber that purchases a subscription.
The idea is to promote your splash pages in other traffic exchanges (or anywhere else you like) and generate referrals. A certain percentage of these referrals will definitely spend money here. You earn not only commission but also free credits from surfing and this up to 6 levels deep.

What are surf bonuses?

- progressive bonus: you earn a bonus every 25 pages surfed. The more you surf the better your bonus rewards get.
- collector bonus: this bonus is for the loyal surfer: it takes a while to complete but the rewards are massive. This bonus will take several days to complete and once completed immediately rotates to a new bonus type. These bonuses are the same for each member to keep things fair.